Physically Distant—Socially Connected

We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and De Luna Health and Rehabilitation Center has done an incredible job dealing with the ongoing pandemic through strong leadership, collaboration and coordination. Everyone from our medical staff and chefs to our wellness and life enrichment teams has approached their area of expert care with unmatched … Continued

Gulf Coast Health Care Deploys Rensair Air Filter Systems in Local Skilled Nursing Facilities

Gulf Coast Health Care Deploys Rensair’s Portable Air Scrubbers, Extra Measures in Place to Ensure Health and Safety of Patients, Staff & Visitors. GCHC is the first healthcare facility in the United States to deploy Rensair’s patented system of UV light and HEPA13 filter technology to destroy 99.97% of airborne pathogens, including the virus responsible … Continued

Healthy Nutrition as We Age

Happy New Year! You’re in luck because this is a leap year, which means you have an extra day to achieve your resolutions. You made at least a few, right? If not, let’s make one together! Let’s kick off this brand new decade with healthy lifestyle choices that can help us age well, live well … Continued